26 October 2008

Travelng to Florida

Hello all,

Yes, we are on the road again. One of the members of our family has a very itchy traveling foot. We found out a few weeks ago that Rob will most likely be teaching most of next summer. Prior to that, we had been planning to go to DisneyWorld in May. Instead, we decided to take a trip to the Gulf Shore of FL for about a week, to spend some time on the ocean, away from home, relaxing before his job starts.

We are renting a lovely condo on the 14th floor of a high-rise, with a nice balcony and an incredible ocean view. Even without the ocean view, the condo is nicer than our house! Sadly, we forgot the camera, so unless we buy another one we won't be posting pic's from this trip.

While we're here, we are hoping to make it to the Aquarium and possibly go on a dolphin-watch. We might even hire a babysitter so Rob & I can have a date night!

Hope you all are well...

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