31 October 2008

Florida, Florida, Florida!

I used to live in this lovely state. I moved here in 1992 just before Hurricane Andrew devastated the southern peninsula. I left a few months later because summer was on the way and I just don't like heat and humidity. Now, sitting on the 14th floor of a condo overlooking Panama City Beach, I wonder if that was impetuous youth. I love it here. At least on vacation! Of course, it was a vacation to Florida in 1992 that led me to move here. So, no, I will not be moving here anytime soon.

It has been a beautiful few days here as the weather has been bright and warm during the daytime. We took a cruise to Shell Island yesterday and Grace dove headfirst into the Gulf of Mexico. Then she walked around and looked at shells on the beach before reboarding the boat for a trip to the mouth of Panama City Bay to watch the dolphins frolic. There were quite a few of them.

Today we went to Gulf World and saw a sea lion show, a parrot show, and a dolphin show. Grace is now napping after her morning of excitement and when she wakes she will go to the beach and jump in the cool waters of the Gulf once again. Oops, there she is. guess we're going swimming!

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