10 September 2008

Settling in, and registering to vote

While we still have a few boxes to unpack here and there, we've settled in for the most part. Rob even somehow, miraculously, managed to get our RV into our very narrow driveway, between 2 drainage gullies. We've bought a new dresser for Grace, and a new microwave to replace the one that mysteriously stopped working the other day. We're making friends at our new church, and attending almost every Bible study, fellowship group, and event that they are offering. We are hungry for the Word, and this church (Grace Presbyterian Church) offers the Word in gluttonous amounts.

One thing remains - we need to register to vote. The deadline for registration to be eligible to vote in this year's Presidential election is October 3rd, a mere 23 days from now. I have lived my entire life in states that are solidly blue (1st Massachusetts, then Washington). During my tenure in Massachusetts, at least, I voted red whenever possible. Of course, that meant that "my" candidate never won my state. During my tenure in Washington, there were no Presidential elections. Now that I live in a red state, Mississippi, I plan to vote blue. Ironic, isn't it?

While I have not changed my position on abortion, I have changed the way I view it from a political standpoint. I still believe that it is wrong. It is the involuntary taking of a human life that God created. My fellow conservatives out there may be asking "How, then, can you vote for a Democrat, when you have the opportunity to have a staunch pro-life advocate a heartbeat away from the highest office in the land?" I'll tell you how. I am tired of rising gas prices, declining economy, ridiculously high military spending, a fruitless war with no timeline for withdrawal, a lack of affordable health insurance (something that has affected me personally for much of my adult life), and tax breaks for the richest of Americans, while Middle America carries the burden on its hard-working back.

What does any of this have to do with abortion? Well, not a whole lot, and that's kind of my point. This election is not about overturning Roe v. Wade. Even if the stars aligned, and we got just the right judges on the bench for just the right case, and it were to be overturned, governance of abortion laws would revert to the States. The practice would be banned in the Bible Belt, and remain legal in most other states - it would not end. Additionally, I no longer believe that legislating this issue is the proper approach. If we want abortion to end, we must take up the banner of Christ, and proclaim His Gospel, and win souls for Him. By doing so, more teenagers and unmarried adults will have the wherewithall to resist premarital sex. More people who are willing to have compassion on women in crisis pregnacy, instead of holding a sign over their heads that says "abortion kills babies," will come forward. More women in crisis will rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance, instead of the "wisdom" of this world.

So, this one-time registered Republican will be voting blue in this election, and praying that the Candidate for Change wins the upcoming election.

Yes, we can!


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