30 August 2008

Gustav's on the way!!

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing fine this Labor Day weekend. We finally moved into our temporary home here in Mississippi. We can stay here up to 3 1/2 years before we'll have to find a new home in town. We originally thought we might try to buy right away but now we think we'll wait a bit and save more for a better down payment. The faculty house we were assigned is a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath with a decent front and back yard. We have a small carport or "poor man's patio" as Kate calls it. It is less than a mile from here to my office and the library so I can save on gas by walking or riding a bike. If it had a fenced yard that would make it just about perfect, other than the small square footage (1104).

So, now we're settling in to our new home and there's a hurricane on the way! Gustav has strengthened to a category 4 and may reach category 5 strength before slamming into the gulf coast somewhere between the Florida panhandle and Texas. Current projections are for landfall sometime this weekend around New Orleans. We stayed in a hotel the first two nights here and they were getting calls from residents in Louisiana seeking rooms this week. They advised people to go to Memphis (170 miles northwest). We are about 280 miles from either New Orleans or the Mississippi gulf coast and are expected to get some rain and wind by Tuesday but the storm should be much weaker by then.

We'll keep y'all updated...cheers!!!



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