02 June 2009

1st stop - Trenton, GA

We arrived at our campsite in Trenton, GA a little after 6pm Eastern time last night. We changed time zones when we crossed the GA state line. We got everything plugged in, I put the homemade mac-n-cheese into the microwave, and we enjoyed a peaceful dinner. After that, I took Remy up to the dog park. Some KOA campgrounds have these - they're fenced in areas with playground equipment for dogs. It's fun for the pooches because they get to be off-leash. It was so oppressively humid that by the time Remy & I got back, we were both completely beat - but it was fun.

This morning we had a bit of an adventure when we realized that Remy had chewed through the rope she was tied to. Rob forgot to pick up a chain last night, and the only usable item the campground store had was some very thin rope. One minute she was there, the next she was gone. After calling & whistling for several minutes, we got a phone call. She was at a campsite not far from us, and some good samaritan campers called Rob's cell phone. The number is on her tags - thank God for dog tags and nice people!

Today we are headed for the TN/VA line.

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Jen W. said...

Wow! Grace is SO big and cute!!! I got your message about D&D and was so jealous and happy for you! Were is the pic with the blue rain coats?
More pics please!!!! Its good to "see you!"
I didn't send "the" box yet :-)