28 July 2008

New England

A couple of you posted asking where we are and what's going on since there hasn't been a new post since we arrived in Massachusetts about 10 days ago. Everything is well with all of us and we're busy enjoying the company of family and friends.

The weather since we arrived has been mostly uncooperative...thunderstorms almost every day and a few days of constant rain. Today it is beautiful and sunny with very low humidity and a temperature around 80 degrees. We'll be here at Kate's brother and sister-in-law's until Sunday when we head up to Hampton Beach, NH for a 5 day rest at the seashore.

The rig has been mostly fine since we arrived...but Kate's brother noticed a leak in the hydraulic leveling system when we parked on the driveway last week. We picked up some new hoses and refilled the system and it now works better than new. We slept in the house last night and will again tonight because the RV is at the shop having the new awning installed. I was supposed to get it back today but the hardware (arms) that shipped with the awning are about 4 inches too long so the dealer had to order new arms that will be delivered tomorrow. I'm supposed to be able to pick up the rig around 2pm on Tuesday. Hey, at least the insurance company is picking up nearly all the cost.

Other than that we've seen lots of family, a few friends, and hung around the homestead. We took a trip to Lenox, MA on Saturday and the three of us went for a ride on the Berkshire Scenic Railway to Stockbridge, MA. Apparently, former MA Governor Michael Dukakis was there and had ridden the train earlier in the day. Too bad we didn't meet...I could have given him a few tips on what NOT to do if he ever decided to run for president again (LOL!).

Today we went swimming at the D.A.R. State Forest lake for a few hours. It was Grace's first lake experience and after watching mommy run out into the water and dive in Grace thought it would be fun. She took off on a dead run for the water made about three huge leaps in the water and then fell face first into the lake. Daddy was right behind to pull the startled toddler back to the surface. After that she rode around on one of us for a half hour or so and then made mud pies in the shallow water for another half hour. Afterward we stopped at the world famous Goshen Snack Bar in Goshen, MA (actually a travel trailer on a dirt road near the middle of nowhere serving chinese food and burgers, which were quite good). The rest of the time I have been reading a biography of the young Theodore Roosevelt by David McCullogh.

On Wednesday we plan to go to the Connecticut shore at Mystic Seaport for a few hours and maybe a quick stop at Foxwoods/MGM Grand casino and resort. We have dinner with another of Kate's former pastors on Thursday at a great italian restaurant in Northampton and then some other friends will be up on Saturday for my world famous lasagna! Then we're off to the beach.

Grace's 2nd birthday party is scheduled for August 9th back here at the homestead and we're scheduled to leave for Washington, DC sometime during the week of August 11th. I'll update again from the beach if we have internet access.





Denise said...

Glad you are all ok and having a great time!!


CR said...

My lasagna is better than yours.

CR said...

Phil Johnson will be speaking at the Pursuing God Conference next month (mid-August) at Cape Cod Bible Church.

Rob Mellen Jr. said...

Wanna bet? My lasagna is in demand in several states! Ever been asked to prepare a batch for 25 people?

Kate said...

Carlo, I've never had your lasagna, but it seems to me that you would have to have some sort of magical powers to make it better than Rob's! Do you know what his secret ingredient is?

~ Kate :)

Kate said...
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CR said...

My lasagna is so good it has broken marriages!

Well, okay, not quite. I've made my lasagna and Mike has had it a number of times and when his wife tried making it, he said that mine is still better and she's never made lasagna for him again.

If you dare Kate, I will make some for you some day and you will forever like mine more than Rob's!

And yes, Rob, I've made my lasagna for more than 25 people!

Kate said...

We'll have to have a lasagna cook-off one of these days, with neutral judges. Never fear though Carlo, I would never leave Rob for someone else's lasagna!

Rob Mellen Jr. said...

Ahh...but I have had Carlo's lasagna and I know the secret ingredient. As the most unbiased, centrist, fence-straddling lasagna critic in the known universe I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that OJ did it, er, wait, that my lasagna is the best the world over!!!


CR said...

I sense you challenging me to a dual!

Then it's settled. You pay for a first class round trip ticket for me to MA and you and I have a cook-off with yours and Kate's family and friends there.